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Non-Surgical Liposuction Body Areas

Non-surgical liposuction is designed to help those that have lost weight through dieting and exercise but can't seem to lose the last few stubborn pounds.

There are many different techniques that can be used for the non-surgical liposuction procedure, but not every place works well for the body. There are certain techniques for certain areas on the body.

Some of the most popular non-surgical liposuction techniques are injections, radiofrequency, laser, and ultrasounds. Each non-surgical liposuction technique can help on the body and has different pros and cons.

Non-Surgical Liposuction Body Areas

The Face

After losing weight one of the first places people notice that you have lost weight is the face. But, in some cases people do not lose weight in the face and their face looks swollen or puffy. Many men and women are getting non-surgical liposuction on the face to make their face look portioned with the rest of the body.

Although, you can use any non-surgical liposuction technique on any part of the body the best solution for the face is by getting the non-surgical liposuction injections and non-surgical liposuction lasers. These work best for you face because the injections can go in the specific areas of the face where you need fat removed such as, under the eyes, around the nose, on the forehead, on the chin, near your ears and so on. The non-surgical liposuction lasers work well because they are able to go into the bigger areas on the face that you want the fat to get out for example the forehead or the cheeks.

In many cases doctors use the non-surgical liposuction device radiofrequency called Thermage to reduce the fat in the face.

Thermage® is one of the most non-surgical liposuction techniques used and offered by doctors. The Thermage® technique tightens the skin with the use of a heated device that causes the patients collagen to tighten. Thermage® is good at reducing the fat and tightening the skin on the face. When getting Thermage it's tightening the skin and giving you a facelift at the same time.

Hips, Saddlebags, and Thighs

It is known that one of the hardest places on the body to lose weight is the hips, saddle bags and thighs. Unfortunately, that is where many people have the most body fat. While losing weight you will see inches come off of your body but your hips and thighs will still continuously be there.

Non-surgical liposuction lasers are used on the hips, thighs and saddlebags the most. The lasers are able to go into the specific area of the body and liquefy the fat, fat cells and cellulite, which then remove them from our body through our urine and bowel movements. The other non-surgical liposuction techniques can work on the hips, saddlebags and thighs, but the non-surgical liposuction lasers help the best.

Zerona is a non-surgical liposuction laser that is used for the hips and thighs the most. Many patients feel that this relaxing and stressless technique.

Zerona works so well because the cold laser releases the fat from the fat cells. When the fat is released the pores open up within the body and then the fat is pushed through the body and we pass the fat, through our urination and bowel movements. This non-surgical liposuction laser is a quick and painless way to get rid of the thighs, saddle bags and hips.

Ultrasonic Body is another non-surgical liposuction laser that helps the hips, saddlebags and thighs. The Ultrasonic Body helps break down fat cells in a particular area. By using this non-surgical liposuction laser Ultrasonic Body you will protect the outside of the skin.

Stomach & Waist

Many people have this problem where there fat just goes to their stomach and their waist. It's hard to get rid of but not impossible, especially now using non-surgical liposuction procedures.

A great way to lose the stomach and waist fat is by using Lipo Ex. Lipo Ex is considered an ultrasound non-surgical liposuction procedure. This procedure is non-surgical, fast and has the same results as getting the actual liposuction procedure.

Lipo Ex uses the energy from the machine to melt away the fat from the outside of your body. Lipo Ex will help reduce fat, cellulite, and have your overall appearance look smooth. Men and women prefer this non-surgical liposuction procedure to give a toned look to their waist and stomach. This non-surgical liposuction procedure can help lose inches on the waist and stomach.

See The Results

Non-surgical liposuction will help you lose weight in the areas that simply won't come off. Although, we just listed several areas on the body that can be tricky to lose weight, there are all different areas that people need help to lose weight in.

Find a doctor and make a consultation appointment to find which non-surgical liposuction technique is best for you.

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